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double-digit returns in property taxes

hands off income in mobile HOME parks

fast turning houses for big paychecks

Invest in mobile home parks without the management headaches to increase your yearly income.

With the advent of "unreality" shows and proliferation on information on flipping houses on the internet there is much misinformation.

A marketing technique that capitalizes on both the offline and online marketing worlds.

Your IRA can own real estate, businesses, and other non-traditional financial instruments; not just stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

nationwide turn-key income properties

million dollar media strategies

"[John's] depth of knowledge on the financial products and how they coexist with the current financial market is a true asset. After discovering John, speaking and working with him, I now have a much more predictable and promising future. As a small business owner, I wish I had found John sooner."

                                                   Dr. Taj Haynes, North Carolina

"John has hit the top of my Guru Chart.... [He] knows how to make money in a challenged market."

                                Candice J.,
​ California

"Best wealth building presentation I have ever heard; wish I could have started using this 30 years ago."         

                                                               David M., Michigan

networking in the 21st century

The secret IrA Your financial advisor Doesn't even know exists

your "one account" 

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Capture the money you are paying out! Stop losing on every purchase you finance; personally or for your business.  Learn how volume and velocity can work for you like they do for financial institutions.

aka: The Secret 770 Account.  Find out how to simply and automatically produce tax-free generational wealth regardless of how the stock market performs.

Do you know how the tax system works? John had a tax expert participate in this chapter to bring you legal, up to date, accurate information.

reduce income taxes by 50% or more

beat the bank by becoming the bank           $$


"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"

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​​Gain massive free exposure and credibility for your business through the media​

Take control of your business and be your own bank and finance company

Grow your brand online and learn how to get on page one of Google

Only watch this presentation if you are looking for life-changing information

Marketing in today's environment falls into two categories; Off-line and On-line. Learn about the on-line strategies that work to help you achieve your goals.


“"I love this book! Jamieson strips away the veneer and hits us between the eyes with the naked truth about suceeding in the world of wealth creation.  Impossibly, he delivers more in his second book than in his record-shattering first." Tracie Taylor, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Wealth and Wellness Coach​

Book Reviews

Hey John, I just read Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds.  WOW! In a confusing world, you really know how to break down seemingly complicated programs and explain them in an easy to understand manor.  You’re the best I’ve met at laying out adverse risks (wealth drains) to be aware of and how the average investor can combat those drains.  Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds is a huge wealth of cutting edge information and is a must read for everyone! Brady Black


"John is truly a financial wizard when it comes to showing people from all income and wealth levels how to create more income and wealth without having to depend on Wall Street."

--Jack Canfield, Coauthor of The Success Principles™ and the #1 Blockbuster Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Learn about the secret world of Private Lending. You will have the knowledge to take advantage of this world from both sides; as a lender or a borrower.


From becoming the "go to" expert in your field to gaining the media presence needed to build your business - we have it covered.

Did you know that all interest is NOT the same?  What about the fact that the bank and your checking account is robbing you literally every day?

Tax deeds and tax liens are one of the best kept secrets in real estate.

Mortgage and Debt Payoff in Record time

creatING your own private pension

fast turn "no equity" homes

Marketing in today's environment falls into two categories; Off-line and On-line. There are different strategies that work well together to help you achieve your goals.

Yes, you can create your own pension using your 401k or IRA monies.  

Learn to leave your underwater-mortgage  home without damaging your credit. Or help people in such a situation to both of your profit.

Interested in cash flowing rental income? Need more info on how to begin?  There are opportunities for you all over the country.


Sign up and watch this short presentation by John giving you an overview of all the great information provided to you in Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds. From conquering the housing market to boosting your small business's growth, we have something for everyone. From those just starting out in the world, to those retiring and even the savvy investor, John and financial experts from across the country share tips, strategies and more for building, protecting and sustaining your monies right through retirement.

private lending - no banks required