"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"

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The fact is, banking has been around in some form or fashion for thousands of years.  The problem is most people only understand banking from the borrowing side.  This chapter will teach you how and why to be your own bank.


        How to put interest volume and velocity on your side.  The banks have been doing this for centuries!

        Why it is not only important what interest rate you pay but what kind of interest you pay

        Secrets that banks and Wall Street don't want you to know

        How to make lifetime tax-free profits with your own bank


        How to make money on every car you ever own instead of losing your shirt

And so much more!

**Combine this chapter with the "One Account" and all Real Estate chapters.  I also discuss how Becoming Your Own Bank is great for your business too!

First, do this simple exercise:

  1. Add up all the payments you have paid over your lifetime to a bank or other creditors on everything you have ever borrowed money to own
  2. Double that total figure because that money would have easily doubled if you had maintained control of those payments and received even a small rate of compounded tax free interest
  3. Now compare that figure to the amount of money you have saved for retirement
  4. Ask yourself...Which number is bigger?
  5. Then ask yourself... How much longer am I willing to make banks and Wall Street rich at my and my family's expense?
This is a life changing chapter if you will just act on the information.