"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"

"In order to grow most business you will need capital. The traditional approach with bank loans is an expensive approach (if you even qualify). In John's new book, Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds, he outlines how to turn the tables on the banks and use your own moeny to scale and grow.  If you are looking to scale your already successful business and capital is required (without giving up ownership to investors) this book is a must to study as a financial option. This book is also loaded with dozens of real world wealth and income creation strategies that only an experienced investor and business man like John could put in one cohesive place."   Scott Letourneau, The Business Formation Expert

"John Jamieson is the epitome of one of my favorite sayings, he is a "DoRu", not just a Guru! John walks the walk, he really does profitable deals and shows others how to do the same. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with John for 7 years now, I can tell you there is nobody I know that is more passionate about helping people not only create more wealth for themselves, but preserve it as well, helping people have a legacy that they can pass down. John's first book has changed thousands of lives for the better and this one is an absolute masterpiece, a MUST have!!!"   Chris Lombardo, Real Estate Investor, Educator and Mentor - Synchronized Success Systems LLC

"I love this book! Jamieson strips away the veneer and hits us between the eyes with the naked truth about suceeding in the world of wealth creation.  Impossibly, he delivers more in his second book than in his record-shattering first."   Tracie Taylor, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Wealth and Wellness Coach

"John Jamieson combines two totally different money concepts in this book in a way that no one has ever dared to do, and it works! The best part is this. After meeting John personally, I can attest to the fact that he actually practices what he preaches in his book. That is a very unique find in this day and age where most "gurus" are simply selling untested ideas that they have very little personal knowledge about. Great job John!"                   

Five Stars, Todd A., Amazon Reviewer

"The author identifies very easy to implement strategies. I have researched the concepts and they have been time tested and proven. The traditional "experts" should take note and stop pushing obsolete strategies that put our monies at risk. Thank you Mr. Jamieson for opening my eyes to the concepts and I look forward to talking with you to implement some of these concepts soon." 

                                                                                                                              Five Stars, G. Lozon, Amazon Reviewer

"The book is one of the best books with regards to personal and generational wealth I've ever read. The author's down to earth approach and deep understanding of successful investing make this a MUST READ."                          

                     Five stars, Brian, Amazon Reviewer

The Definitive Guide to Non-Traditional
Wealth Creation

"Thank you!  This book is an eye-opener.. I knew there had to a better way than panicking monthly with my current retirement sitting there at the mercy of the stock market."                                                    Cheryl L., Perpetual Wealth Systems Client

THE PERPETUAL WEALTH SYSTEM: Your Path to Systematic and Guaranteed Riches

"John is truly a financial wizard when it comes to showing people from all income and wealth levels how to create more income and wealth without having to depend on Wall Street."
Jack Canfield, Coauthor of The Success Principles™ and the #1 Blockbuster Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“WOW! In a confusing world, John really knows how to break down simple ways to break through and maintain wealth! John is the best I’ve met at laying out adverse risks (drains) to be aware of and provides a clear and objective way to create and grow passive wealth while reducing the emotional, costly, and common errors made by most average investors.”  Brady Black


"I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in stepping out of the traditional model of investing. It's logical, easy to understand, and a must read. This book provides a stellar approach to wealth creation.... Read the book, become a wealth attractor, share it with others, and build a strong financial future for yourself, your family, and generations to come. Fabulous book!!"

                                                                                                                                         Five Stars, Robertta, Amazon Reviewer

I recommend this to anyone who is serious about changing their financial future.

"This book gives you ways other than "norm" to prepare for your future. I love the fact the programs used have been around for years but the way John packages them together is genius! I have already implemented his techniques and they are working great for me!"     

Five stars, Linda J., Amazon Reviewer

"Very well written; clear and easy to read. What an eye opener! I know where my hard earned money has gone and what I can do to stop it and get set for retirement. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about changing their financial future."
  Five stars, zebra9009, Amazon Reviewer

Now Available

Are You Sick and Tired of Losing Money Every Time the Stock Market Drops?
The personal finance model we all have been taught of putting money into 401k plans

and borrowing from banks is officially broke. Today 95 percent of Americans die without
any real wealth because along the way banks, Wall Street, Uncle Sam, and asset
depreciation take almost all of our money. The Perpetual Wealth System will show you how
to reverse all of those and create guaranteed, systematic, tax-free, and generational wealth.

Discover how to:
  1. Never lose a dime of your money in the stock market again
  2. Stop turning your money over to Uncle Sam’s control with your 401k and other qualified
  3. Make sure your money grows every year guaranteed
  4. Use “reverse money flow” to retire years earlier with a pile of tax-free cash
  5. Create a passive cash flow machine by leveraging the current real estate downturn
  6. Start your own family and small business financing company and never need a bank again
  7. Recapture lost depreciation on cars, boats, motorcycles, and other items to create wealth

It’s time for you to take control of your own money and learn the long-hidden secrets of banks, major corporations, and wealthy family dynasties. Find out how to make long-term wealth your future reality!