"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"

The world of real estate investing can be an exciting and profitable one but it’s not something you just fall into and start making money.  The book has chapters about real estate investing that I am very proud to have written.  I loaded them with as much pure content as I could and even with all that effort I knew many people would want more knowledge and help.

I had the good fortune to speak and train for some of the top names in the real estate industry including Donald Trump and Robert Allen.  I love to help people launch their own real estate businesses but my time is very limited.  Because of all my speaking and traveling I met some of the top people in the country when it comes to real estate investment training.

When I explained to them what I was doing and that I wanted to offer people more in depth training and coaching they told me they wanted to help people get started buying and selling real estate of all types and offered to be coaches for Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds.

If you would like more training and coaching and possibly even having an experienced investor come out to your own hometown reach out to our office so we can give you details as far as types of programs available and the investment for each type of program.  We look forward to getting you started to your first or tenth real estate investment deal!  Email us at info@wealthwithoutstocks.com and tell us you want more information on the real estate coaching programs.

All the Best,

John Jamieson

real estate coaching