"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"


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I was asked the question one time (along with 200 other people at a seminar) “if you were going to open up a hamburger stand what would be the one thing that you must have above all else?”  The answers started getting shouted out………”great burgers, great fries and shakes, great service, great location” etc. etc. until the true answer was revealed and had not been guessed.  When we heard it we knew it was true along with being very simple.  The one thing that is most important is to open up that stand in front of a bunch of starving people!  

If you opened up in front of such a group the other things deemed essential by the crowd seem to fall down the list. You must find the hungry people in your chosen business; people that are desperately searching for a solution to one of their many problems. Finding them is done with direct response marketing and not simply with advertising.

Marketing falls into two worlds:  the offline marketing world and the online marketing world; they must work together to grow wealth for you in the form of your business. Your message and target group must be strategic and must include online and offline strategies that work well together. The strategies taught in this chapter are very much responsible for me, along with countless others, taking startup businesses and in very short order creating large monthly income and value in those new brands.

The value built with marketing systems in your business has worth that one day can be sold to someone else for millions of dollars depending on your business model and profit margins. Too many people believe that the key to success is just online marketing without using much offline marketing. There are also those that are “old school” and don’t do much “internet stuff” and both groups are dead wrong. You will love this chapter because I will breakdown how I took The Perpetual Wealth System brand and company from an idea to a high cash flow profitable business in its very first year of existence and have compounded those results since that time.

This chapter is also a perfect companion with “Million Dollar Media Strategies” for a truly unstoppable business plan that will have you as the envy of your competitors. 

You will learn:

          How to start a business and a brand on a shoestring

          How I was able to make $50,000 in gross income in 90 minutes from my den in my pajamas and bunny slippers

          Why a “house list” is more important than almost any other factor in determining the worth of a company and how to build yours

          How I went from “non-existent” to “page one” of Google and other search engines

          Create a “spider man” website that draws prospects in and makes them stay

          How to design a business lifestyle of your choosing and not of your clients choosing

          How to have your business making money and generating leads when you are sleeping and so much more!

I have a good friend and business associate who helps small businesses from all over the country increase their income online. He will be providing some great strategies in this chapter. This chapter alone is worth 1,000 times the price of the book.

Marketing is without a doubt the most important part of any business.  I don’t care if you have the best food, service, product, book, widget, etc. on the market, if you have a lousy marketing plan your business is in real jeopardy.  Everyone thinks their widget is the best but only those businesses that are able to identify and reach that perfect market cost effectively are the most successful.  The message to your ideal market is also critical to your success.