The internet has revolutionized every industry and this one is no different. There has also been an explosion in the type of items you might be able to market successfully. This industry has the ability to produce passive income in future years if you work a successful marketing program during your start up phase. Many people of all ages, including seniors looking to supplement their retirement income, can produce serious income given the right company, product line and marketing plan. 

Networking in the 21st Century will tell you what the successful Network Marketers do and why you may want to join them in this rapidly growing industry. First and foremost, you will need to possess a passion about the products or services you represent.  Don't ever get involved with a company or opportunity just for the allure of easy money; do your homework and thoroughly vet the company and products or services they offer. If you take the business seriously and put in the effort hopefully you will be collecting a six or seven figure of mostly passive income in the years to come. We have two very successful people's real life stories with two very different companies to share with you and the success that they have achieved.

Give this industry a serious look before you prejudge based on old truths.


Networking in modern times is a tremendous way to create passive income by referring people to a great product or service you truly believe in and, hopefully, utilize yourself. Networking is also known as; Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM for short) and Direct Sales.

Regardless of what you choose to call this business, the 21st Century has changed this industry in a massive and positive way. Gone are the days of front end loading thousands of dollars of "potions and lotions" and then trying to sell them to your friends and/or family members. The industry still faces a credibility issue in many people's minds, however, most of those preconceived notions are based on 1970's & 1980's companies and structures.

Networking: a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest


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