If you're looking for an attractive and safe place to get consistent high returns on your capital (when completed properly) this chapter will be a huge eye-opener for you and your wealth creation efforts.

You will learn how to:

          Receive loans at decent rates even with lousy credit

          Borrow without the loans showing up on your credit report

          Buy that fixer-upper, close quickly, and resell for a nice profit - All with Private Money

          Offer private money to new buyers of your properties

          Loan your money for consistent double digit returns with very low risk

And more!

*This chapter blends well with Your One Account, The IRA Financial Experts Keep Secret and Fast Turning Houses for Big Paychecks chapters.

There is an entire secret world of lending out there referred to as "Private Lending". There are many reasons savvy business people operate in this world. This chapter discusses the big differences between banks and private lending. The major difference however is one is consumer based lending and the other is more asset and business driven lending. I will open up this secretive world so you can access it from both sides of the lending table. You will be given a nationwide private lending contact in this chapter. Also you will acquire a system to obtain your own private lenders you can call on for great real estate or business deals.

The banking system  has trained us so well that we believe when we truly need to borrow money that they are the only game in town. If you fit the "perfect borrower" profile, high credit score - steady income - a high net worth, banks can be your "friendly neighborhood bank". However, if you don't fit that profile just right or the money you want to borrow is for investments outside the banks "normal" business than you might have extreme difficulty getting the loan; if you are able to obtain it at all.

Did you know there is a multi-billion dollar world of lending that doesn't involve banks?


"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"