"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"


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I have brought in a tax expert to participate in this chapter and together we will show you how to:

  1. Learn legitimate tax strategies, not gray areas or tax fraud
  2. Legally reduce your taxes by 30-50% every year
  3. Turn your car into a huge tax deduction
  4. Make all medical expenses 100% deductible
  5. Get a big check from Uncle Sam for missed deductions from past years
  6. Turn your tax savings into a million dollar tax free retirement plan
  7. *How successful business owners who legally take all possible deductions can still cut their actual tax bill by another 50% with an "Income Efficiency Strategy"

And More!

As with every chapter in this book, the information contained here will be worth a fortune to you assuming you actually act after reading the book.  Review this chapter right after the Introduction and Preface because you can start implementing some of these strategies the very next week!

*If you are a successful business owner paying $150,000 or more in taxes it will benefit you to look into our Income Efficiency Strategy by contacting us at info@perpetualwealthsystems.com  or call us at 586.944.0794.  We might be able to reduce your income tax by 50% or more legally and ethically.  Isn't that worth finding out more?

Here are a few basic facts about taxes:

          The tax system is built to penalize the employee

          The tax system is build to help the business owner prosper and expand

          Those uneducated about taxes choose to pay thousands to extra dollars every year needlessly to Uncle Sam (Don't be one             of them!)

          You can design a tax plan, no matter where you're starting from, even if you are an employee


          You should pay your fair share, but not one dime more

Income taxes are the single biggest expense the average American will pay over their lifetime.  Why is it that so few actually have a clue how the tax system actually works?  If you are going to be paying taxes for many decades, and maybe even after your death, don't you think that you should be one of the few that has a clue?

Yes, you can reduce your tax burden