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10 Day Sale

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According to Forbes almost one third of mortgages are considered underwater.  Owners either have more owed on the mortgages than they are worth or they have no "real equity" (less than 15%).

While there are still many foreclosures throughout the country, the latest foreclosure crisis has currently subsided.  Many homeowners walked away from their houses and took the hit against their credit reports.  Many others made the choice not to give their homes to the bank, instead deciding to wait for values to return, leaving them with underwater mortgages.

Those that had decided to wait have experienced at least a bit of relief from their over-financed condition; some rewarded with a little equity returning, but these homeowners can't avoid life and it unplanned circumstances.

If you have one of these mortgages on your own home what do you do when you experience:


          Job Loss

          Job Transfer

          Illness that forces you to move

          Reduction of income

          Death and home going to the estate

All of these conditions do not care about your equity situation; you will have to make a move and leave your home if that is what the situation demands.  Chapter 5 in my book will tell you exactly what to do if you're in that situation and the solution will not involve negotiating a short sale.

For those not personally dealing with equity issues, this chapter will teach you how to help the people that are in the above situations in your own backyard and how to increase your income.  You can create $5.000 to $50,000 paychecks by understanding that these circumstances allow profits in real estate using little to none of your own money or credit.  Plus, you can help others move out of their homes without going into foreclosure, allowing them to maintain their credit.

This chapter will work in conjunction with the other real estate chapters to make you a real estate investment assassin; able to help any motivated seller who comes your way, regardless of their situation.  By helping them you will also create profits for yourself!

*Fast Turn "No Equity" Homes will be a great companion chapter to "The IRA Financial Advisors Keep Secret" chapter so pay attention to how the methods can function together and consider merging both strategies for tax free profits.