"The Ultimate Blueprint of Little Known, Powerful Strategies for Building Diversified Wealth & Income"

*Combine this chapter with Beat the Bank by Becoming the Bank and The One Account to learn how to maximize the benefits.

I have assembled those teams of experts across the country for you and purchasing the book gives you a code to enter on this site that will allow you access to those real estate investment experts; who are ready to help you achieve your goals.  Yes, they will make money as well but that is the way business should work for all parties.  These experts are waiting for you to contact them and find out what they can do for you in states like: Florida, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan and more.

You will have the ability to build your own investment portfolio all over the country with the type(s) of properties that interest you the most. Once you read this chapter in the book "Wealth Without Stocks or Mutual Funds", visit the US Properties page above and use the code at the end of the chapter to access and download all relevant information on the areas and the professionals who will be helping you achieve your dreams.

In my first book "The Perpetual Wealth System" I talk a lot about buying cash flow machines in my hometown of Metro Detroit.  However, because of my national speaking and nationwide business contacts I now have the ability to bring you potentially great investment opportunities from many areas of the country.  This also includes working with me and my team on the deals you can still find in Metro Detroit; check us out at Perpetual Real Estate Machine.

Are you thinking of single family homes?  Are you instead interested in apartments or commercial properties of some kind?  Maybe you are exploring mobile home parks or assisted living facilities to add to your investment portfolio.  The problem for most people is where do you find those who have expertise and understand what you are trying to accomplish.

You CAN own solid income properties all over the country and never leave your living room if you choose