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Along with teaching you how to develop your own private lenders to give you great flexibility when buying and selling properties,  we also wanted to give you access to private funds that are ready for you to borrow right away.  I even have an associate who works with all our customers as their connection to these funds.  He is an experienced real estate investor and will be a huge asset to you in more ways than one.  If you would like to get pre approved for funds or if you have a deal under contract you need financed, fill out the form below and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day of our receiving your request.

Our associate can give you details about how much money will be loaned and at what rate and terms.  I can tell you now that your credit is much less of a factor than your potential deal is and far less important than it would be to a traditional lender.  Fill out the sheet and we will be back in touch soon.

We have aligned with a national private lender that would like to loan you money based on your good deals.  Would you like to get out in the market place and make offers on all those fixer uppers and foreclosures?  Would you like to know you have a source for private funds to close on those deals?

In my book we have a whole chapter on being a private lender and also finding private money to borrow for your deals.  If you don’t already own the book, change that situation right now and order your copy right now from this site (purchase link).  Then read the chapter in private lending.

US Private lending